As a property owner looking to sell, or a prospective buyer, you are no doubt looking for vastly experienced North Lakes Real Estate Agents who operate with heart.

You’ve found them!

We’ve got enough heart and market know-how to sink a battle ship!

We successfully sell amazing properties for the best price, help buyers find their ideal homes, and communicate openly and honestly with both seller and buyer throughout the process.

You’ll find we’re different from most agents, in that we go above and beyond to be…

“…the shock absorbers of buying and selling a home. We absorb any bumps and hiccups along the way, so your journey is stress free.”

– Janelle, our Principal Agent.

And we do so without viewing our clients as a financial asset as some agents do, nor do we influence a person’s decision for a sale that is not in their best interests or towards the outcome they want.

We’re in real estate because we love buying, selling and decorating homes. It’s our passion! (Trust us, we watch all the good property tv shows.)

With over a decade of high level Real Estate experience and too many awards to list here (see Team Profiles) – without blowing our own horn – we are very good at what we do.

We have families too and have collectively bought and sold properties more times than we can count! (23 come to mind?) Quite a few right here in and around North Lakes. So we know the stress involved in buying / selling a home and all the possible areas that may not go according to plan.

So when we give you advice on how to best sell your property, or which home to buy, you truly can trust that we are using our professional knowledge in your best interests.

Our motto is:

honest Real estate agents in North Lakes that listen!

And no, we’re not referencing some trending hashtag usually verbalised with a couple of chest pumps and a peace sign.

It means if you engage with us, like many before you, you will want to engage with us again and again over the course of your property journey.

Whether that’s to buy, sell, or invest (check out our Rental Management company Aura) we will look after you. For life.

#fistpump (ok we had to do it)


What matters most to us is that we are consistently exceeding our client’s expectations with results they love!

“Knowing we’ve played a vital role in making someone’s property journey a positive one is the best feeling!”


If you’d like to be one of the many satisfied people who have bought and sold property with us, get in touch asap!

We’re really excited to meet you.


Not yet convinced? Here’s how you can get to know the agents you’ll be working with a little better.